One-on-One Nutrition Counseling Sessions: In the one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions, you will receive individualized care tailored to your specific needs.

We begin with a 15-Minute Free Phone Consultation: First, you will receive a free 15-minute phone consultation with Leah where you will discuss your nutrition goals and she can work with you to achieve those goals

Following your 15-minute call, you will meet with Leah for a 60-minute Initial Session. During this session, we will discuss:

Medical History

Weight History

Food likes and dislikes

Food allergies, intolerances, and restrictions

Relationship with food

Your nutrition goals

Then, you will meet with Leah weekly for 30-minute follow-up sessions.  These sessions will help keep you accountable so that you can better meet your goals. During these sessions, we will discuss:

Your progress with your goals

Barriers that you may be encountering so that we can strategize on how to overcome them

Nutrition questions you have

New goals that come up along the way

How it Works:

Start with a 3-month commitment to yourself

During these initial 12 weeks, we will meet for one 60-minute initial session, and then weekly for 30-45 minute follow-ups. This will help lay the groundwork and foundation for you to build upon. Making small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle during this time frame will add up to significant progress at the end of the 3-month period. We will utilize food journals, customized meal planning, grocery lists, and any other tools that help you make realistic, manageable, and sustainable changes. Counseling is completely individualized and catered to your unique needs.

Maintain with bi-weekly sessions for support and guidance: 

After 3 months, we can either continue to meet weekly, or you may feel ready to graduate to bi-weekly sessions for maintenance. Here we will meet every other week for 45 minutes to give you the guidance, support, and accountability that you need in order to maintain your goals. 


Small Group Nutrition Counseling

Small groups consist of 3-4 people, and allow you to get nutrition counseling, community, and accountability all at a discounted rate.  In 12 weeks we will cover:

  • Nutrition basics
  • How to balance your plate
  • Blood sugar control
  • How to ADD nutrition 
  • Meal prep and grocery shopping hacks
  • Structuring your day with food
  • Supplements
  • The missing pieces: movement, sleep, community, and stress-management

Small group counseling also includes:

  • One free 45-minute 1:1 nutrition counseling session


Guided Grocery Store Trips:

Ever feel like you want to make healthier choices but don’t know where to start? Leah will take you to your favorite grocery store and help you stock your kitchen with the best options for you and your family. You will also receive education on label reading!

*For pricing information, please call (914) 450-0998 or email [email protected]
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