One-on-One Nutrition Counseling Sessions: In the one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions, you will receive individualized care tailored to your specific needs.

We begin with a 15-Minute Free Phone Consultation: First, you will receive a free 15-minute phone consultation with Leah where you will discuss your nutrition goals and she can work with you to achieve those goals

Following your 15-minute call, you will meet with Leah for a 60-minute Initial Session. During this session, we will discuss:

Medical History

Weight History

Food likes and dislikes

Food allergies, intolerances, and restrictions

Relationship with food

Your nutrition goals

Then, you will meet with Leah weekly for 30-minute follow-up sessions.  These sessions will help keep you accountable so that you can better meet your goals. During these sessions, we will discuss:

Your progress with your goals

Barriers that you may be encountering so that we can strategize on how to overcome them

Nutrition questions you have

New goals that come up along the way


1-Month Package: Leah requires that you begin your time with her with a 1 month commitment. This allows the client enough time to work with Leah to make progress towards his or her goals. The 1-month package includes 4 total sessions:

1 15-minute FREE phone consultation

1 60-minute initial session

3 30-minute follow up sessions

3-Month Package: Want to make more of a commitment to your health and wellness? The 3-month package is perfect for you! Investing in 3 months of nutrition counseling will allow us to spend more time working on your health goals and building the foundation necessary to achieve them. The 3-month package includes 12 total sessions:

1 15-minute FREE phone consultation

1 60-minute initial session

11 30-minute follow-ups 

6-month Package: The 6-month package is wonderful for individuals interested in longer term care. This package is especially suitable for those with digestive issues, chronic illness, weight loss goals, or those working on their relationship with food. The 6-month package includes 24 total sessions:

1 15-minute FREE phone consultation

1 60-minute initial session

23 30-minute follow-ups

 Guided Grocery Store Trips:

Ever feel like you want to make healthier choices but don’t know where to start? Leah will take you to your favorite grocery store and help you stock your kitchen with the best options for you and your family. You will also receive education on label reading!

*For pricing information, please call (914) 450-0998 or email



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